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Small size allows them to be installed in direct contact with the stator winding.
Low thermal inertia gives rapid and accurate response to winding temperature changes.
Measures temperature directly irrespective of how these temperatures are initiated.
Detect overload conditions in motors driven by frequency converters.

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Nominal response temperature: 80° C to 180° C in steps of 10°, plus 145° and 155°
Max. allowable operating temp. T max. 200° C
Max. allowable operating voltage at +25° C Umax 25V (per bead)
Max. allowable power dissipation at +25° C 690 mW
Insulation strength (between leads and outer insulation) also for threaded sensor 2.5 kV
Conductors – silvered copper wire
with teflon insulation
Insulation stripping approx 10 mm
Conductor cross-section 0.25 mm 2 for single, double and triple PTC’s


Response Temp. Color Code
80±5 white-yellow-yellow-white
90±5 green-yellow-yellow-green
100±5 red-yellow-yellow-red
110±5 brown-yellow-yellow-brown
120±5 grey-yellow-yellow-grey
130±5 blue-yellow-yellow-blue
140±5 white-yellow-yellow-blue
145±5 white-yellow-yellow-black
150±5 black-yellow-yellow-black
155±5 blue-yellow-yellow-black
160±5 blue-yellow-yellow-red
170±5 white-yellow-yellow-green
180±5 red-yellow-yellow-white


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