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Instrumentation & Control Engineering

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Instrumentation & Control Engineering Services

Instrumentation and control engineering involves monitoring the measurement and control of process variables (see Process Engineering), this includes that implementation of systems that incorporate them. Some examples of process variables include pressuretemperatureflow, force and speed. These are key components to industries such as chemicalfoodmaterial developmentoil & gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical, etc. Process plants, for example, have control methods where sensors and employed to measure the output variable of the device and provide feedback to the controller so that it can make corrections toward desired performance. Automatic control manages a device without the need of human inputs for correction. Our support here includes supplying variable speed drives & motors to start, read, compare, regulate & monitor processes. In the event the setup is being completed by fellow partners or distributors overseas and delivered to Singapore for installation, our company supports with on-site checks with commissioning reports. We will also assist with local warranties against machine parts under our principal.

Our services are provided by teams of skilled and experienced professionals. Our years of collaborating means we’ve achieved works experiences in the following fields:- oil & gas, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals amongst others.

Investigation on existing systems, new project start-up, parts and components supply

Site surveys, on site discussions, recommendations of improvement, cost estimation

Main supply of variable speed drives & motors, panel components, measuring instruments

Site commissioning, monitor run progress, after sales support

Chemical, food, material development, oil & gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical

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