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Digital Phase Shifter for AC Motors

Digital phase shifter
1 phase 220VAC to 3 phase 200VAC converter for AC motors

0.25HP – 10HP

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■ This product shall be used only for 3 phase 220V motor. ■ Use only a motor which suits the capacity range of this product. (1:1) ■ If the motor overheats, check whether the current is correct as shown on the motor nameplate. (Within 85% of rated) ■ Only DPS check the voltage is the output voltage 2 phase and the output voltage 3 phase when the only motors movable ■ If you use a motor for a large load condition, use the D.P.S product with one rating higher. Do not use it with higher than one rating. (This may cause motor failure.) ■ Motor brake must be of single phase only (A brake for 3 phase does not work). ■ For control cables, use U.W cable only (Electromagnetic switches, brake, magnet, etc.)


■ All products driven by 3 phase motors ■ All motors for industrial and domestic purpose ■ Hoists ■ Compressors ■ Conveyor motors ■ Agitators ■ Food processing machines ■ Hydraulic motors ■ Document shredders ■ Meat slicers ■ Agricultural machines ■ Woodworking machines ■ Portable air conditioners ■ Machines for pumping ■ Blowers ■ Ceramics machines ■ Fan motors ■ Portable packaging machines ■ Cutters, etc. ※These products can be connected for use quickly and easily everywhere.

1Phase 220V
3Phase 220V

Drive 3 phase motor with 1 phase ■ The failure rate was even lower frequency operation ■ Excellent start-up torque ■ The size is small & easy to install ■ Semi-permanent life time ■ Energy saving effect ■ Stable in humid, dust, vibration and impact. ■ 3 phase motors can be used at your home. ※ FEATURES OF 3 PHASE MOTOR Compared with 1 Phase Motor ■ Low failure rate ■ Small size ■ Affordable price


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