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Flame Proof Motor

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Learn what these flame proof motors are and why they are a critical component in any application.

Flame proof motor is commonly used in areas where there are high chances of it catching fires, especially if the surrounding area is highly flammable. The main advantage of flameproof motor is that whenever there is an electrical short circuit, any fire or sparks generated as a result are kept within the motor itself. In a normal induction motor, it has a terminal block placed above it and is the only area where the motor is exposed to the external environment. In the event of any short circuit within the motor, the only place these sparks can escape is through the terminal block and this may cause an explosion and start massive fires, especially if it is installed in an oil plant where the area is highly flammable. Flameproof motors will prevent such accidents from happening. Geoman Electrical DNY carry a wide range of flame proof motors from brands such as Toshiba. Talk to our engineers for more information on the Toshiba Flame Proof Motors.