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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System)

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What is UPS – UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply System. This is the equivalent of a very large battery which protects your IT & Industrial equipments. UPS have 2 functions; the first is to ensure continuity of power, making sure in the events of a primary power failure, your IT & Industrial equipment stays functioning as per normal. The second is the smoothing of power, protecting your equipment against power surges. UPS powers banks of batteries which ensure that the 10-15 mins during the power failure, and that the IT load is continually protected. Most UPS’s will give you between five and fifteen minutes of power at full load. The UPS system is meant to safely shut down your industrial machines and equipment and not cause any damage to your hardware due to a sudden and unexpected power outage. UPS also serve the benefit of surge protection too. This provides enough time for the power generators to start up and supply primary power to your application again. In short, UPS provides continuous power supply in critical operations. If unsure on the type of UPS system that suits you and your business, please consult our electrical engineers at +65 6457 7159.