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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical engineering combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. Of course, that’s too heavy for us. However, Geoman supports mechanical engineers’ research & design, their development & eventual build, including tools, engines, and machines. Take a design to power-producing machines such as steam and gas turbines for example, we can support with the supply of the main start motor, complete with variable speed drive to start, regulate & end process. All housed in a weather-proof enclosure manufactured and assembled in Singapore. In the event the setup is being completed by fellow partners or distributors overseas and delivered to Singapore for installation, our company supports on site checks with commissioning reports. We will also assist with local warranties against machine parts under our principal.

Our services are provided by teams of skilled and experienced professionals. Our years of collaborating means we’ve achieved works experiences in the following fields:- oil & gas, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals amongst others.

Machine and mechanism check, parts identification

In house parts investigation, counter-check with machine maker or alternative factory

Site surveys, on site discussions, recommendations of improvement, cost estimation

Technicians despatch, ensure repairs rightly performed while adherence to safety

Mechanical conveying, print machines, pharmaceutical and train systems

Mechanical Engineering Onsite Works
Mechanical Engineering - Components Repair
Mechanical Engineering Components