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Toshiba Inverter (TOSVERT VF Series)

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Toshiba inverters are well suited for your electronic products that might interfere with peripheral devices.

The integrated noise filter*1 and reactor*1 by Toshiba have drastically reduced high-frequency noise and harmonics generated by the inverter to improve the power factor. This makes the Toshiba inverter ideal for your electronic applications such as washing machines, treadmill, showcase refrigerators for stores and medical equipment, where attention must be paid to peripheral devices.

For machinery need high torque and large capacity, the Toshiba inverter such as the VF-AS1 accelerates instantly from low speeds at a starting torque of 0.3 Hz – 200%*2. The excellent performance of the regenerative mode, as well as that of the power running mode, has been achieved by applying the smart vector control technology developed by Toshiba originally

Toshiba inverters such as the VF-AS1 has a wide capacity range up to 500kW for a 400V class and 630kW for a 690V class inverters, which makes it ideal for cranes, mining machinery, refrigerator, presses, compressors, crushing machine and other machinery that require high torque and large capacity

The MY function allows you to program logic operations and internal data operations as you desire so that you can customize the Toshiba inverter to match your system or machine. This also achieves high-precision, high-speed torque control with or without sensors. RS485 (TOSHIBA/Modbus protocol) communications are equipped as standard, and DeviceNet*3, Profibus and CC-Link*3 fieldbuses are also supported as options. The PCM002Z communications software allows you to edit, monitor, and trace parameter data on a PC easily. This makes inverter ideal for paper and film lines, printing machines, presses, coilers/uncoilers and other systems that require flexibility.

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