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Main features:

  • Double conversion
  • SPWM and IGBT
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Fixed and variable selectable
  • Pure sinewave output
  • Isolated output transformer
  • LED display, key buttons
  • Complete protections
  • Single & triple phase available
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Capacity 1kVA~2000kVA
Input Single phase 110Vac±10%,115Vac±10%,120Vac±10% 127Vac±10%,220Vac±10%,230Vac±10%,240Vac±10%
Three phase 120/208Vac±10%,127/220Vac±10% 220/380Vac±10%,230/400Vac±10% 240/415Vac±10%,254/440Vac±10%,277/480Vac±10%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%
PF  ≥0.8(standardtype) ≥0.9(optionaltype,12pulse)
Output Single phase 110Vac,115Vac,120Vac,127Vac,220Vac,230Vac,240Vac fixedOr0~150Vacadjustable,0~300Vacadjustable
Three phase 120/208Vac,127/220Vac,220/380Vac,230/400Vac 240/415Vac,254/440Vac,277/480Vac Or0~260Vacadjustable,0~520Vacadjustable
Frequency 50Hz,60Hz,100Hz,200Hz,400Hz, Or40-70Hz,40Hz~500Hzadjustable Or16.67Hz,25Hz,1000Hz(Optional)
Voltage Accuracy ≤±1% FS(FullScale)
Frequency Accuracy ≤±0.1% FS(FullScale)
THD ≤3%@linearload,puresinewaveoutput
Crest Crest 3:1
Memory 9 group data(voltage/frequency)for easily recall
Overload 100%forcontinuous,101-299% shut down in 200mS, 300%shutdown immediately
Protection Overcurrent,overload Overvoltage,overheat Shortcircuit,alarmandindicators
Enclosure IP22,IP32,IP54 Orasperrequirement
LED display Digitalfrequencymeter Digitalvoltagemeter Digitalcurrentmeter Digitalpower/PFmeter
Temp Operation:-10℃~50℃ Ambient:-10℃~40℃
Noise ≤65dBat1meter
Humidity 10~90%non-condensing
Mean Time Between Failure 50,000H
Mean Time To Restore <30min
Effiency ≥85%
Standards GB50054-95 GB50150-1991 GB50150-2006 GB50171-1992 GBT5465.2-2008 GB/T16935.5-2008 GB/T16935.4-2011


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