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Magnetic Powder

Magnetic powder particles have a certain lifespan and requires replacement from time to time depending on operating temperature, operation quality and other factors.

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SIZE 0.3 0.6 1.2 2.5 5 10 20 40
GRAMS 6.5 10 15 30 60 90 160 270

1. Place the magnetic powder clutch on the prepared rack (reverse)
2. Loosen and remove aluminum cover fixing bolt at the end of the bolt output shaft
3. Loosen the bolts of the stator and take out the stator
4. Clean the magnetic powder left inside, and clean the inner wall with a clean rag
5. Enclose the prepared magnetic powder in accordance with the specifications (unit is g)
6. Fix the stator, stator bolt, aluminum cover, aluminum cover bolt, etc. according to the original position.
7. After the magnetic powder is sealed and fastened, please test the magnetic powder clutch


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