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Toshiba Inverter TOSVERT VF-nC3

Input voltage/Capacity range
1 phase 100V-0.1~0.75kW,
1 phase 200V-0.1~2.2kW,
3 phase 200V-0.1~3.7kW (Applied for 3 phase 200V motor)
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1. The “turn-and-push” setting dial makes setup easily
vf-nc3 run stop key

The large setting dial at the center of the front panel allows you to set the parameters easily. Just turn the setting dial until you get the right parameter and push the setting dial to select. You can also use the setting dial to set the reference frequency.

2. The RUN and STOP keys allow to operate easily.

You can operate the inverter with RUN and STOP keys on the front panel. The front cover may be closed to conceal the other keys to avoid accidental key pressing.

3. Easy to set parameters

vfnc3 easy keys

Showing most frequency used parameters in easy mode.
The EASY key allows you switch between Easy mode and Standard mode.
Easy mode: Scrolls through a list of only eight parameters. You can optionally add up to 24 parameters to the list.

Standard mode: Rotates through all parameters.

It also guides you with a step by step through parameters you need to set up. Since the guidance feature shows one parameter at a time according to the selected function, you can interactively edit its value. Auto-guidance function is available with motor parameter setup, preset speed selection and analog signal control, etc.

4. Built-in RS-485 communication

Built-in RS-485 communication enable to control the inverter and build network.

Communication rate: 38.4 kbps max.
Compatible with the Modbus RTU and Toshiba protocols.
You can connect a PC to manage parameters and monitor operating conditions.

5. The vertically oriented main circuit terminal block allows easy wiring.

Like power distribution devices, the main circuit terminal block of the VF-nC3 is vertically oriented to make wiring easy and minimize tangles of cable.

6. Side-by-side installation for space-saving
vfnc3 side by side installation

Generally, inverters must be places in consideration of radiation of heat. The VF-nC3 can be placed side by side with no gap, saving inside of control panel space. *1

7. The covers for the main circuit terminal block ensure safety

You can remove the covers for the main circuit terminal block with a screwdriver. Sine the covers can be attached after the wiring of the main circuit terminal block, the VF-nC3 can be installed easily and safety.

8. Wide Operating Conditions and Compliance with Global Standards
  1. Compliant with global standards
  2. Maximum ambient temperature: 60 Degree Celcius
  3. Maximum altitude: 3000 meters
  4. Support for single-phase power supply: Supports thre-phase 240, single-phase 240V and single-phase 120V power supplies.


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