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Toshiba Inverter VFnC3E

Low cost
Simple usability
Strong durability
Smart functions
Long run life
3 phase 400V-0.4~11kW

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Simple. Strong. Smart.

Minimum structure achieves Maximum possibilities
Toshiba’s VF-nC3E is a compact and high performance low voltage variable speed drive designed for simple and smart usability.

Simple Usability

Simple Operation
The large setting dial in front allows you to control local speed and set the parameters easily. For setting parameters, just turn the dial and push to select. The VF-nC3E can easily be operated with the RUN and STOP keys.

Simple Installation

Multiple drives are mountable side-byside, saving space when installation.
The removable cover for the main circuit ensures safety.

Simple Settings

The EASY Key provides quick access up to 24 frequently-used parameters (Easy Mode). The EASY key allows to switch between Easy Mode and Standard Mode that shows all the parameters.

Fan & Pump

Prevent unpredictable stop
PID control


Soft start & stop
High Torque
Improved braking

Food processing machinery

RS485 communication
Protected parameter
Preset speed


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