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AC Synchronous Motor

Single-phase synchronous motors are available in small sizes for applications requiring precise timing such as timekeeping, (clocks) and tape players.

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60Hz RPM50Hz RPM110V~220VBlack power cord Direction wireAC-24VWhite power cord Direction wireWeight
Wire No.
Braking torqueWire No.
Braking torque
10.8348(4)68.8Blue wire90(5)78.3Blue wire255
21.6648(4)46.4Orange wire90(5)53.2Orange wire
32.548(4)34.3Orange wire90(5)35.1Orange wire
43.3348(4)25.8Orange wire90(5)28.6Orange wire
6548(4)19.9Blue wire14(3)16.8Yellow wire
108.3348(4)16.2Blue wire14(3)14Green wire
1512.548(4)14.3Orange wire14(3)12.9Yellow wire
2016.648(4)12.3Orange wire14(3)11.9Yellow wire
302548(4)10.4Orange wire14(3)10.6Yellow wire
605048(4)9.2Orange wire14(3)7.3Yellow wire
10083.342(5)6.5Brown wire90(5)6.9Blue wire
15012542(5)3.5Brown wire90(5)4.4Blue wire
20016642(5)2.8Brown wire90(5)3.2Blue wire


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